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Address: 32 Arsinoes, 3021 Limassol, Cyprus

Telephone Number: 25348108

Email: info@kiktrading.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kiktrading/



FLAT 101 (3 bdr apartment)

Internal area: 145m²
Covered verandas: 36m²
Uncovered verandas: 13m²

Price EUR 390,000.00 New price EUR 370,000.00 + optional   messanine EUR 40,000.00 (12sqm)

1405_Προδιαγραφές_KIK Panthea Court_101

FLAT 201 (2 bdr apartment)

Internal area: 110m²
Covered verandas: 49m²
Uncovered verandas: 5m²

Price EUR 290,000.00 New price EUR 280,000.00

FLAT 202 (1 bdr apartment)

Internal area: 61m²
Covered verandas: 14m²
Uncovered verandas: 0m²

Price EUR 190,000.00 New price EUR 160,000.00

FLAT 301 (3 bdr apartment, top floor)

Internal area: 130m²
Covered verandas: 12m²
Uncovered verandas: 100m²

Price EUR 590,000.00 New price EUR 490,000.00  SOLD

*Please notice that rooms are bigger than usual market size and this gives you the opportunity to create another bedroom in case this is needed.*



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